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You Don’t Have to Lead Everything!

You Don’t Have to Lead Everything!

I’ve realized one of the downfalls of being multi-passionate and a go-getter.

You want to not only experience everything- you want to excel at everything.

After a few years of hustling hard to build my business, it became the very core of my life. Everything centered around it- and even though I was deliberate about spending time with my kids and balancing as best I could- it always had to come back to the business because it was the center of everything. The more I did the more we made, the more we made the more opportunity to do more things.

This is just basic math- 0f course you want to work hard and when you are a self employed entrepreneur there is no clocking in or out. You just exist as this business owner and it becomes part of your identity.

But I’m shifting- and I’ve made a decision that’s not how I want to function anymore.
I want to have the business, I want to continue to build 7 figure income streams.

But I want to be more than my business. I want to serve people but I want to exist as a human being too- having a variety of experiences and just BEING. I’ve started to step back and look at myself from an outside lens, and I feel like giving myself a big hug and saying “Kirsten, it is going to be ok. You can slow down. You can breathe in these moments. You can enjoy good music without pressure that you should be the one creating it. You can learn how to homeschool without having to be the expert in homeschooling. You can travel the world and keep those experiences as your own- relishing in each and every moment without worrying about creating content.”

This may make me sound like a crazy person- that I even have to have this pep talk with myself. But this is the curse of the go-getter. I know that the only thing standing between me and massive accomplishment is my willingness to just do it and create it. I know that whatever I put my mind to is possible. What a FREEING concept, right? Of course it feels good to know that fear and limitations don’t have hold on you.

But guess what else?

Fear is NOT the only reason we don’t do things. Sometimes they just aren’t a good idea for us.

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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Wow. Not rocket science but for me this is a paradigm shift and something I’ll have to repeat as a mantra over and over and over.

I’m stepping back and relishing in what I have done instead of worrying about creating more, more more.

So here’s to spending more time being ok reading for the sake of reading, learning something new without feeling like I need to teach it, and being a whole person- free from the attachment that I am my business. I am SO much more.

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