Hi, I’m Kirsten Tyrrel

Being connected to the people you love and to your big dreams does NOT have to be a choice. I’m here to help you create magic without missing a single moment.

About Me

I help connect women to their Passion, Purpose and Potential

You’re by nature a passionate and driven person. You feel called to do more but aren’t even sure quite what that is yet, right?

You know you’ve got a purpose in this crazy fast moving world, and were not just put here to simply survive and make it through each day- rather to create and build a legacy.

You feel that stirring inside of you- and that question you are almost afraid to answer “Could I do this?” And my friend, the answer is a big fat resounding…


I believe in helping you to uncover that passion that may be hidden inside of you- the voice urging you to fearlessly chase your dreams.

 Connection is KEY!

That’s my motto- and it’s literally the key to how I built a multi-million dollar downline in an MLM, how I created a massive network of moms through a podcast, and how I got Rachel Hollis and Nicole Walters to speak on a stage with me at my first ever LIVE event for a thousand people in March 2019.

I’ve learned that giving people tools is great- but not showing them how to use them is like sending someone a bicycle with an instruction manual. It takes MORE. It takes coordination, practice and– CONNECTION.

Connection is the element we need when selling ourselves as a brand, our products to our audience, and building a community of people we are wanting to serve. Without this essential and non negotiable trait- you’ll be lost in a sea of other creators!

Connection is also what makes us thrive in our HOMES. I’m a mom- and I know that giving birth or adopting kids does NOT instantly connect us all the time. These little humans grow into real life people (duh) and we need to individually connect to them at each phase of their growth and development.

I believe in legacy, and know that everything I’ve learned in the course of my life as an entrepreneur would be wasted if I didn’t pass that knowledge and experience to my kids.

I’d love to help YOU connect MORE and finally get to the bottom of what is missing in your relationships, business and all the things you’re trying to create with that big brilliant mind and heart of yours!

Family dreams coming true in Oahu! kirstentyrrel.com

I believe family always comes first- and every goal I set- whether it be a million dollars or getting in better shape- always comes back to the REAL reason I am always striving to grow. My husband and kids, and the fact that I want to be around for a very long time to create a beautiful and fun life together!

You can check out episodes of my podcast Marvelous Moms Club to gain strength in your motherhood journey by listening to stories from hundreds of mothers!