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This Is Why Affirmations Are NOT WORKING For You!

This Is Why Affirmations Are NOT WORKING For You!


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Have you tried it before? Positive affirmations? Words are extremely powerful and affirming good things into your life is not a new concept. It’s scientifically proven that our words carry energy and create things to happen.

So why, if we are doing these “positive affirmations” are they not working for us?!

I have had it work, and I’ve also had it NOT work. There is more to it than the words you are using.

Many people approach their affirmations and goals and good vibes from a place of wanting things they do NOT have. They are so focused on the desperation of wanting that they neglect the good and amazing and joyous energy necessary to create the very things they are trying to call into their lives!

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On my daily IGTV show I am sharing all kinds of growth and progress inspiration, and this episode is crucial in you understanding how no matter what you want…if you don’t feel like you deserve what you are affirming, you are playing a game of chess against yourself…and you might win some, and lose some at the same time.

Watch the whole video to see what I mean!



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