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There are voices in my head…

There are voices in my head…



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It’s day 2 of the daily IGTV show with Kirsten Tyrrel!

I feel like it’s fine to announce yourself, right?

I LOVE that Instagram makes it possible to embed your IGTV easily into blog posts.

It’s simple and simply amazing for this mama who is trying to keep up with her own consistency goals for 2020.

Also- did you know that you can create videos and posts ahead of time in Facebooks new Creator Studio?
Total game changer!

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So today’s episode is all about the voices in your head.
Do you have voices in your head making all kinds of noise? Or have you never actually noticed how much self talk is happening on the daily?!

I am constantly aware of all the “noise” and want to help you calm those voices. In order to calm them, you have to pay attention to the chaos. Check out the video to see what I am talking about!



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