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Ladies Night Looks!

Ladies Night Looks!

Oh how we all love a good ladies night! We love looking forward to the adult conversation, the delicious food and feeling put together, if for nobody but ourselves.

Women LOVE to feel gorgeous! It’s why we spend so much on beauty and self care products throughout our lives. And when it comes to getting fancy and gussied up, we can make it happen like it’s our J.O.B!

But the hard part is, it takes time. If only we had a magic wand to poof us into the perfection we desire! Maybe we don’t have access to a fairy godmother or magical shoes we can click at the heels to get date night or ladies night out ready in minutes… but we do have options girls.

One of my favorite time savers is to add a little pizazz to my look by adding false lashes to my makeup routine. It’s not a daily occurrence, but it definitely happens when I want to look more put together, or have eyes that steal the show.

Enter… the Ladies Night Lashes from Tori Belle.

I was skeptical. I had seen the magnetic lashes that required you to basically poke your eyes out trying to get two magnetic strips to clamp together over your lashes (ouch and no thanks). I even tried some on a whim once. It was as awful as it sounds and I do NOT recommend it.

But I decided to give these type a shot. The kind that provide you with magnetic eyeliner so the lashes pop right into place. I was so prepared for it to not work. But then it did. It worked SO GLORIOUSLY WELL!

I applied the liquid liner and voila. After letting it dry, I was able to apply my lashes without poking my eyes out, without lash glue in my eyes and without sticky residue all over my fingers.

It was magical. Then I had to see how long they actually lasted.

I’m happy to report- that even after a good long cry (not over the lashes- remember I’m female and we cry), those puppies were on and intact!

I’m a believer in magnetic lashes and I want every woman within the reach of my words to give them a try! You can wear one pair for at least 20 days. I am a budget savvy lady and I want mine to last much longer- and they will if you take care of them!

Imagine- not having to get lashes filled anymore. Having long lustrous lashes every single time you are getting fancied up for a girls night out (or in, it’s your life).

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Not sure how to use Tori Belle lashes? Order now and I’ll send you a fast easy tutorial to guide you!

I promise, if I can do it- you can too!



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