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Changing my words in 2020!

Changing my words in 2020!

Hey y’all.

It’s a new year, which means new plans and new goals. Audacious ones at that, am I right?

I didn’t set any weight loss goals or anything of the sort. But I did decide this is the year I will hold myself accountable to be CONSISTENT.

So I’m starting something insane. A daily IGTV show!

I am going to commit to doing a video per day on Instagram TV.

Here’s the first episode, where I talk a little bit more about how simple I plan to make this and why I’m doing it.


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Are you wondering how to use IGTV effectively?

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Do you want to show up consistently on social media and offer value?

Join me and see if you can stay consistent on this platform!

Here’s to a phenomenal 2020!


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