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Analytics aren’t everything- and here’s why

Analytics aren’t everything- and here’s why

Launching. shudder

New Business cringe

Startup wince

We’ve all felt those familiar feelings when launching something new, right?
We feel the rush of excitement when we are building, creating and dreaming.
Then it comes time to share it with the world.

We click publish, post or save on our posts, ads, and podcasts.

We wait.

We wait some more. And then we realize- as much as we hoped for overnight success, it didn’t show up.

Your plan can be flawless. Your strategy magnificent. But just like everyone else, you have to keep showing up over and over and over to create the conversion your heart so desires.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you get to skip this part.

You can run ads, convert well on webinars and get to the big numbers… but at some point, whether before launching or during or after…you’re going to have to bring people to your business.

This brings me to a very important point:

Do NOT obsess over the analytics.

Have you ever heard that statement about how you never know how much you’re making in your first few months of work? Because the work you are doing now is setting you up for income that lasts FOREVER.

So if you’re focusing on your potential and basing it only on the numbers and open rates and reach right now…you are forgetting about the future that you are building and you are more likely to throw in the towel.

If you have vision, or heck especially if you don’t have a lot of vision… it’s so important to know this!

Your numbers are not everything. Your analytics do not change your mission, value or work ethic.

It’s great to be strategic, to pay attention to what’s converting and whats not. But obsessing over these numbers when you have yet to reach the masses, is almost a waste of time. Testing, putting out content, sharing a sales funnel and seeing how things work will tell you a lot about what your people need most.

As we launch a new business in 2020 it’s easy to get discouraged by the slow (depending on perspective) growth of the business. And then I remember… it’s been an entire WEEK. So rather than curse human tendencies and lack of focus, I’m choosing to celebrate the reach we have had. The people we have already impacted, helped and inspired. The first 100 people are your CORE people. They will be there for the long haul (hopefully) if you bring them into the fold.

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Be vulnerable about the newness of your growth.

Shock people with your open honesty and vulnerability about your business (if and when appropriate).

Most importantly, remember this is NOT about you. You’re showing up and creating, but if you want a business that lasts, you are doing it for them. 

So show up and do it.

Ditch the analytics overload and just get going.

Your people will find you when you do.

Your friend in business,



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