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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Hey there! You want to get to know me a little bit? That’s cool, I hope to get to know you better over time as well.

I can be quite wordy, so I’ve decided to make this very simple for the both of us. How about I use bullet points to give you the overall idea of who I am and what I hope to help you with!

I never thought my life would look like this…

No seriously. Owning a business, making millions of dollars and homeschooling my kids? A complete far cry from the life I dreamed about as a little girl.

The only similarity in what I thought my life would be compared to what it actually has turned out to be- is that I have a great husband and amazing children.

Beyond that? I would have laughed in your face if you had told me that it would be possible to run a business from a computer that fit onto your lap and connected to billions of pieces of information in an instant.

Have you ever thought about how truly WILD it is that we can do the things we do in 2020?!

Family dreams coming true in Oahu! kirstentyrrel.comI was planning on being a famous singer

Yep, once upon a time I actually had my car all packed to drive to San Diego and audition for American Idol. Fear and limiting beliefs of others talked me out of it. It’s one of my biggest regrets, but at the same time fills me with terror. I don’t know if the 20 something version of me could have handled rejection at that level.

I still love to sing but now I do it with my kids. I am determined to take advantage of the fact that I live in Nashville to make part of that childhood ambition come true! Listen to the podcast episode where I talk about starting to sing again HERE!

I have started almost ten podcasts in my life

Yes, I’m of the belief that “there’s a podcast for that”. If you have ANY kind of business, I think you should connect with people via podcasting. I was part of the wave of podcasters that started nearly 5 years ago. I was podcasting long before it was “cool” and have started a podcast about everything from mom life to beauty and confidence. I think all of our voices are powerful and that we should share them with the world!

I have a great free e-course for people who want to learn what it takes to start a podcast and you can sign up HERE!

My first online business was selling on Amazon

Nowadays it’s not the wild west of success it was back then. In our first batch of baby headbands we made over $700 profit from $15o spent on product. We were SHOCKED that it had really worked, and we were also hooked into this amazing life of online business. My second business was course creation, something that was also a little ahead of its time. I created a course with my husband on how to sell on Amazon and gave our step by step process to others. Look at how cute our little Felicity is modeling the headbands we sold!

I’ve made over a million dollars in a matter of a few years

I don’t say that to brag or encourage you to ask for a loan. But I do tell you that, because when my husband and I first set out to have success, our goal was to see if anyone with enough ambition and dedication could become a millionaire. We shared our journey publicly and were thrilled as can be when it happened for us. It actually happened when we let go and stopped trying so hard, and when we realized it was more about service and loving on people than it was about our goals and our income.

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We made it from a combination of consulting, course sales, direct sales and the Marvelous Moms Club podcast.

I am awful at Geography

I didn’t know Alaska wasn’t an island near Hawaii until college. I didn’t know the Americas were connected until 2019. If you were to set me loose in Asia I’d have no idea which direction to go to get home. It’s a weakness that I am dedicated ti making a strength in my life. Traveling has helped a ton and I know someday I’ll be a guru. For now, thank goodness for Apple maps.

I have an alter ego, and she has her own podcast

Years and years ago when life hit an all time BORE FEST and my husband didn’t have a job, I took to the computer and started recording ridiculous videos. Then I started recording out in public, and Vera was born. If I had kept going, I’d undoubtedly be one of the biggest YouTubers in the world. I was on there before Miranda Sings hit it big, and if not for getting pregnant with our first baby, I’d have probably been a star, and you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now.

I started a podcast as Vera in 2016 when I was nervous to start my Marvelous Moms Club podcast. It has been available for people to download all these years, and I had NO idea I had been paying $5 monthly for 3-4 years to keep it alive. It’s short, sweet and will likely have you laughing. Check it out HERE.


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